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loft conversions ilford

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Loft conversions are somewhat similar with basement conversions and renovation. Homeowners want to create additional living space and efficiently use the space they already have to its maximum potential. We can undertake almost any project in terms of loft conversions, from the planning to the completion, delivering high quality confortable and sustainable living or working space.

When building becomes home

Loft conversion can vary substantially when it comes to costs and design choices. On every project, the most important decisions are based on the roof design, shape and dimensions. Modern made roofs are usually easier to adapt, but there's a certain look and feel in terms of architecture when old houses' roofs are renovated and brought to life into a different light and time.
Keeran Designs has designed and built countless loft conversion and home improvement projects; we are here to advise homeowners of creative ways to make the most out of the extra space in their homes.
Comfort depending on the building

Keeran Designs are commited to the highest standards of service.
Loft conversions are not just about the increased space, it’s also a matter of comfort and efficient space organization. If the homeowner decides to increase the liveable space in an existing loft space of a home it is likely to require a range of alterations.
Since these alterations can have an impact on the building integrity, loft conversions require planning and compliance with the current legislation regarding the building structure and taking into consideration general and fire safety solutions and requirements, sound insulation, new flooring and beams, walls modification and sometimes additional support and safety measures, such as new stairs providing the access to the new rooms.
Loft conversions ideas:

Keeran Designs can provide you with different ideas and options when you decide for a loft conversion. We've put together a list of loft conversion ideas with images you can look through. Contact us for more information or to dicuss with a specialist.
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